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  • Modelo :V1600G2
  • Material:Cáscara de acero
  • Dimensión :442mm*200mm*43.6mm(L*W*H)
  • Peso:3.1kg
  • Descripción :Los productos GPON OLT de la serie V1600G son productos de montaje en bastidor de 19 pulgadas y 1U de altura. Las características de la OLT son pequeñas, convenientes, flexibles, fáciles de implementar y de alto rendimiento.


Product details

   Product introduction

Los productos GPON OLT de la serie V1600G son productos de montaje en bastidor de 19 pulgadas y 1U de altura. Las características de la OLT son pequeñas, convenientes, flexibles, fáciles de implementar y de alto rendimiento. Es apropiado para ser implementado en un ambiente de sala compacta. Las OLT se pueden utilizar para aplicaciones de "Triple-Play", VPN, cámara IP, LAN empresarial y TIC.

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   Special Features

► Plug and play, características de detección automática, configuración automática, actualización automática de firmware, etc.
► Función de mantenimiento y configuración remota OAM integrada.
► Admite funciones dinámicas de QinQ VLAN y funciones de multidifusión de indagación IGMP.
► Compatibilidad total con OLT basada en el chipset Broadcom / PMC / Cortina.
► Admite la función 802.11n WiFi (2T2R).
► Soporte NAT, función Firewall.
► Soporta doble pila IPv4 e IPv6.
► Pruebas de línea integradas compatibles con GR-909 en POTS.

   Product appearance features

V1600G2_F1 V1600G2_F2

   Technical parameters





 1U 19 inch standard box

 Uplink Port




 8*10/100/1000M auto-negotiation


 6*SFP and 2SFP+ slots (SFP+ is 10GE port)

 GPON Port



 Physical  Interface

 SFP Slots

Connector Type

 Class B+/C+

 Max splitting  ratio


 Management Ports

 1*10/100BASE-T out-band port, 1*CONSOLE port

PON Port Specification

 Transmission Distance


 GPON port speed

 Upstream 1.244G, Downstream 2.488G


 TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm



 Fiber Type

 9/125μm SMF

 TX Power


 Rx Sensitivity


 Saturation  Optical Power


 Management Mode

 SNMP, Telnet, CLI, WEB

 Management Function

 Fan Group Detecting;
 Port Status monitoring and configuration management;
 Layer2 switch configuration such as VLAN,  Trunk,RSTP,IGMP,QOS, etc;
 EPON management function: DBA,ONU authorization,  ACL,QOS,etc;
 Online ONU configuration and management;
 User management;
 Alarm management.

 Layer2 Switch

 16K Mac address;
 Support port VLAN and protocol VLAN;
 Support 4096 VLANs;
 Support VLAN tag/Un-tag ,VLAN transparent transmission, QinQ;
 Support storm control based on port;
 Support port isolation;
 Support port rate limitation;
 Support 802.1D and 802.1W;
 Support static LACP.
 QOS based on port,VID,TOS and MAC address.
 Access control list.
 IEEE802.x flow control.
 Port stability statistic and monitoring.


 IGMP snooping;
 256 IP Multicast Groups;


 DHCP server;
 DHCP relay;
 DHCP snooping;

 Layer 3Route

 Arp proxy;
 Static route;
 512 hardware Subnet Routes;
 1024 hardware Host Routes;

 GPON Function

 Tcont dba;
 Gemport traffic;
 In compliant with ITUT984.xstandard;
 Up to 20KM transmission Distancec;
 Support data encryption, multi-cast, port VLAN, separation,RSTP,etc;
 Support ONU auto-discovery/link detection/remote upgrade of software;
 Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm;
 Support power-off alarm function,easy for link problem detection;
 Support broadcasting storm resistance function;
 Support port isolation between different ports;
 Support ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly;
 Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain  stable system;
 Support dynamic distance calculation on EMS online;
 Support RSTP,IGMP Proxy.





 Power Supply


 AC:90~264V, 47/63Hz;
 Double Power Module/Hot Backup

 Power Consumption


 Operating Environment

 Working  Temperature


 Storage  Temperature


 Relative  Humidity


   Typical application diagram


   Cargo Transport Security

   Custom Question

Q: How to become V-SOLUTION’s distributor?

A: Distributor shall have related resources of product, market, customer, and technical support engineer. A specific Annual Sales shall be negotiated and confirmed by signing agency agreement between both parties.


Q: OEM, ODM Service is available?

A: If MOQ=3KPCS,could offer customers ODM&OEM products, better support and service.


Q: How about lead-time for bulk quantity?

A: Usually it takes about 2 weeks.


Q: Compared with peer competitors, what is the advantage of V-SOLUTION?

A:   a. Full series of FTTH products with very good interoperability, such as WIFI/VoIP/Triple play /Industrial grade/Mental/Reverse PoEONU.

b. New products available continuously, with strong R&D team of 40 engineers.

c.  Mature experience & Strong ODM& OEM service.

d.  Delivery on time, it is lower than 5% delay delivery in the past 9 years.

e.  Good technical support, online & onsite technical support in time.


Q:  What are solutions of V-SOLUTION ONUs?

A:  We provide popular solutions such as TK, Broadcom, Cortina, Realtek, ZTE.

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